Climate and market changes: What contributes to a resilient dairy system?

Cows grazing at Stonewall Farm
Image by Heidi Stanclift

‘Climate and market changes: What contributes to a resilient dairy system?’ 

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 at 1:00 – 2:30 PM 

(live at Stonewall Farm and on Zoom)

Abstract: What is a dairy system that is resilient to climate and market shifts and that contributes to healthy social ecological systems?  It has been demonstrated that, to attain these multiple goals one needs: 1) a well-connected network of farmers, industry representatives, non-governmental and governmental stakeholders; 2) robust and redundant local food hubs, markets, and processing facilities, and 3) well-informed and committed community members. Danone’s recent decision to pull its contracts from much of the Northeast has shocked the northeast dairy system, including farmers who have been committed to building healthy ecosystems while producing healthy food. 

In conjunction with Dartmouth College’s Environmental Studies Department and Stonewall Farm in Keene, NH, the Northeast Healthy Soil Network is pleased to host a virtual panel of regional experts focused on responding to the question: What makes a local dairy system resilient to market shocks? This panel will bring together a diversity of dairy farmers, industry leaders, and soil health advocates who are responding to fluctuations in the dairy system and seeing new opportunities, initiatives, and ideas. Participants will contribute to the discussion of how our regional food production system and healthier ecosystems are compatible goals. Together, we will explore questions about the future of dairy farm viability, sustainable production systems, and the transition toward a carbon-neutral agri-food system. 

This will be a hybrid live/virtual event. The panel will begin with presentations, followed by a Q&A from both the live audience and the online participants. The live event will be held at Stonewall Farm in Keene, NH and is limited to 25 participants, who are required to wear masks and socially distance (please contact to RSVP). Virtual attendees must please register through Zoom.


Speakers: Julie Davenson (Stonewall Farm), Britt Lundgren (Stonyfield), Amanda Thurber (Lilac Ridge Farm), Peter Miller (Miller Farm), Dan Smith (VT Legislative Task Force to Revitalize the Vermont Dairy Industry), and Rose Wilson (Independent Value Added Dairy Consultant)