Cultivating Connection: A Nutrition Series

birds eye view of fresh vegetables being prepared
Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash
March 14th, and April 11th

Monthly on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Join nutritionist Alyssa Lovas of Live Free and Thrive Nutrition for an interactive workshop series to learn the basic principles of living and eating well. Participants do not need to register for all workshops in the series. They can pick and choose. Recipes will be based on what is seasonally available at the farm. Topics discussed will include:

  • The importance of eating whole foods as close to nature as possible and practical tips for making this work in your life
  • Listening to your body, connecting to your food, and connecting to the community and the environment
  • Cooking your own food as a powerful tool for your health and wellness
  • Connecting soil health to human health, perspectives on agriculture through a nutritionist’s lens
  • Why local and seasonal vegetables are superior nutritionally and beyond
  • Purchasing power! How to be a conscious consumer and participate in your local food system.

All of the chatter about the latest health trends and fad diets creates a lot of unnecessary confusion and distraction. Let’s push that all aside and find clarity in going back to basics! Each workshop will include plenty of discussion along with hands-on cooking lessons highlighting local and seasonal ingredients featuring food from Stonewall Farm. Depending on the season, participants will be able to harvest the produce used in the cooking portion of the class

Registration is per session. The cost to register is $55.

Live Free and Thrive Nutrition provides holistic nutrition and wellness information to inform, empower and support you in nourishing your body and improving your health.

About the Instructor:  Alyssa is deeply fascinated by health and the human body and has a background in biochemistry and medical research. Alyssa’s nutrition training focuses on treating each individual as a whole person- not just a compilation of systems, uncovering and treating the underlying causes of symptoms, and a comprehensive, holistic approach to care. Nutrition is by no means a cure-all but it is a great place to start to build a foundation for healthy living. Curious by nature and a researcher at heart, Alyssa continues to accumulate knowledge and evolve as she investigates the latest research and stays committed to lifelong learning. This translates to informed, comprehensive care for her clients, whom she educates and empowers to use food and nutrition to improve their health. Did we mention, Alyssa loves food!? She loves to experiment in the kitchen and discover delicious ways to nourish her body. She recognizes that food is much more than the sum of its nutrients and it has incredible power to honor culture, history, create connection, be a form of creative expression, be a spiritual practice, and of course, taste good! Alyssa holds a Master’s of Science in Nutrition: National University of Natural Medicine, 2018, Portland, Oregon and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology: University of New Hampshire, 2014, Durham, New Hampshire.

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