Dancing of the Ladies

cows running, jumping and playing in a field
May 2022

It’s our favorite time of year at Stonewall Farm! It’s time for the ladies to head out to pasture and enjoy the fresh green grass- dancing, frolicking, running and skipping to express their ‘udder excitement’ over their first time out to pasture this Spring!

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Since we’re unable to provide a pancake breakfast this year, check out our TO-GO BREAKFAST BOXES! (*Available for purchase beginning Thursday) They include everything you need for a fresh, delicious breakfast. All proceeds help support Stonewall Farm. CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR BOX FOR CONTACTLESS PICKUP: https://farmstore.stonewallfarm.org

Want to make a larger contribution? Consider being a BRONZE, SILVER, or GOLD LEVEL SPONSOR of Dancing of the Ladies! These sponsorships provide the following amount and support our ladies in the following ways:

BRONZE:$500 monthly feed and care
SILVER: $1500 replace a cow bed (we need 10 of these)
GOLD: $5000 annual sponsorship of a cow (name in stall for 1 yr)

Bronze, silver, and gold level donations will be announced in our dancing of the ladies video to be released after the event. Gold level sponsors name will hang in the cow’s stall for one year. TO SPONSOR THIS EVENT EMAIL: jdavenson@stonewallfarm.org

As always, thank you for supporting Stonewall Farm. We are looking forward to celebrating spring with you and our ladies!

*This event is only available through online viewing. Due to COVID-19, we will not be able to permit crowds to gather by the pasture outside the barn or go inside the barn. The Farm Store remains open. Thank you for understanding!

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