Shree’s Kitchen – Heat and Serve Indian Meals

Indian Cuisine
Friday Nights through Labor Day Weekend

4 to 7pm at Stonewall Farm

  • Join us every Friday evening to eat, drink, shop and chill with friends.
  • Enjoy food from local food vendors.
  • Vendors selling agricultural, artisan, and service products.
  • Music, lawn games, and beautiful grounds.
  • Craft beer (must be 21 and older and show valid ID).


Stonewall Farm community Night Menu: 

Potato Cauliflower chickpeas curry Served w/basmati rice…$11

Chicken Tikka Masala: Served w/basmati rice…$11
Chicken curry in a creamy sauce

Spinach Lamb Curry Served w/basmati rice…$14

Veg Samosa ( ea)….$3

Garlic Naan……..$3

Mango Lassi ..12oz….$4.

About the chef:  Sri is the owner of Shree’s Kitchen, and she creates authentic homemade Indian cuisine using a wide variety of spices. Indian cuisine has a wide range of vegetarian, vegan, and meat dishes that vary from region to region. They are prepared using different cooking techniques. Shree’s Kitchen brings you the most popular dishes from South India like idli, sambar, vada, paserattu, upma, and North Indian flavors like palak paneer, aloo paratha, pav baji, and many more mouth-watering dishes.