Robin Anderson

Dairy Processing and Milk Production
603-357-7278 Ext. 108

Robin was born and raised on a dairy and beef cattle operation in the center of Zimbabwe, in southern Africa. She has always had a real love for animals, in particular cattle, with a strong leaning toward dairy. Her family farm currently runs a herd of 300 Holstein cows crossed with Scandinavian Red breeds, along with a few pure Jerseys. After studying Animal Science in South Africa, she returned home to manage the dairy, as well as assisting in our small on-farm, cheese-making operation that her mother runs. She also spent a couple of years, running the laboratory of a major local milk processing factory, which produces long-life milk, yogurt, butter, cream, sour milk, and ice-cream. During her time on the farm, however, she often thought of returning to university to pursue a master’s program and this finally came to pass, when she moved to the U.S. to study at Texas A&M University, in 2018. This was an amazing experience and taught her so much about many different aspects of agriculture, and life in general. During her studies, I was exposed to some very large cattle operations. I couldn’t help thinking that there must be a better way to manage and run livestock, which results in a more sustainable food chain that benefits the environment, the community and is economically viable, too. “Therefore, this opportunity to work and grow, at Stonewall Farm, is very exciting for me. I will be taking on the role of heading up the value-added section of the dairy, as well as managing herd health and the breeding program here at Stonewall Farm dairy. I am so keen to begin processing our organic, regeneratively produced milk into tasty, nutritious dairy products for the surrounding community and really look forward to meeting the people of Keene and New England. “