Stonewall Farm offers a variety of farm-based education programs for schools, homeschool and youth groups. Our educators are also available to bring programs to your classroom such as our farm-to-school programs. Each program is approximately two hours in length. Our programs are taught by experienced educators and farmers providing a quality hands-on learning experience for every student. The 120+ acres of pastures, fields, wetlands and forests serve as our classroom.

Fees: Programs are $10 per person/student. Small groups are welcome, but there is a minimum of $100 per group to cover the expense of prepping and running the program. One chaperone per 15 children are admitted free of charge. Additional adults are subject to the $10 per person fee. A $30 educator fee will be charged for large groups larger than 25 students.

The DIRT on Soil and Compost

The DIRT on Soil and Compost: all ages

The soil is ALIVE! Your group will be amazed when they examine soil from different field sites. Students will select plots to collect soil samples to observe. They will learn through inquiry as they find differences in the soils, plants, and general ecosystems at each location. At their last plot, our gardens, they will learn about the magic of compost. Students will have the knowledge to compost on their own when the day is over!

Fall and Spring Program

Surviving the Great Outdoors

Surviving the Great Outdoors: grades 4+

If you were stranded in the woods, would you survive? You will after you attend our Survival Program! Work in groups to create survival shelters, identify edible trees and plants in the forest, track animals, learn to camouflage yourself, and more!

Fall Program

New England Forestry

New England Forestry: Grades 5+

Meet us in the forest! This lesson will include New England tree and plant identification to examine the density and diversity of the forest. Students will learn how to conduct plot sampling, identify local tree species, identify tree condition, find average tree size, and more.

Fall and Spring Program

Adapt and Survive

Adapt and Survive; Preparing for Winter: all ages

Join us to learn about which animals run away from the cold, which animals sleep their days away, and which animals have changed over time to withstand cold conditions. We will hike through Stonewall Farms trails, conducting our own transect studies and looking for animal homes. We will discuss the changes these animals will make as the days get shorter.

Fall Program

Snowshoe Adventure

Snowshoe Adventure!

Fall foliage is so beautiful, but how do we know what that tree is without its leaves? Let us introduce you to trees in winter. We will help you Identify twigs, bark, buds, and more along a beautiful snowshoe hike.  Along the way we will learn to identify winter animal tracks, markings, and homes. Animals may seem few and far between but there is evidence of them all around us!

Winter Program

Maple Sugaring

Take part in the New England tradition that welcomes back spring.  Learn the biology and natural history of maple trees, the history of sugarin’, tap a tree and boil some sap.  Travel through time to see how sugaring has been done through the ages.  Visit our sugar house and try a sweet treat of syrup.

Late Winter through Early Spring

The BUZZ about Bugs!

The BUZZ about Bugs!: All ages

Did you know that 90% of bugs do good deeds at Stonewall farm!? They are called beneficial insects.  Learn about bees, butterflies, spiders, dung beetles and more as we hunt for bugs in our organic fields, greenhouses, and pastures!

Spring Program

Wetland Ecology

Wetland Ecology: All Ages

Explore the magic of Stonewall Farm’s wetland habitats. The students will learn how to document their observation with scientific drawings in their very own Wetland Journal. Learn about wetlands as you hunt for frogs, salamanders, cray fish, invertebrates, and more at our wetland boardwalk and secret pond. These creatures teach us a lot about water quality- use your wetland journal to find out the quality of the wetlands at Stonewall Farm!

Spring Program




Ecological Monitoring

Ecological Monitoring: grades 6+

Stonewall Farm uses holistic planned grazing, a type of regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture is a system of farming principles and practice that increase biodiversity, enriches soil, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystems. Let us show you how we sample our lands to test our water cycles, mineral cycles, energy flow, and community dynamics. This adventure will include transect sampling, plant ID, soil studies, searching for insect activity, and more!

Fall and Spring Program

Farm to School

Farm to School: All ages

Are you interested in starting a school garden? Are you looking for healthy, seasonal produce that helps your students make a connection between the earth and their nutrition? Let SWF help to get you started!

Available Year Round

Farm to Table

Farm to Table: All Ages

There is always something in season at Stonewall Farm. Work with our educators to create a seasonal, farm to table experience with your school/ organization! Washing, picking, carting, and spinning! Try it all, and meet the sheep that gave us this experience!

Available Year Round

Got Milk?

Got Milk?  All ages        

Come join us in the dairy barn. Learn the ins and outs of our happy herd, as we tour the dairy and milk and meet SWF cows! What will we do with all that milk? Make butter, of course!! Got milk? WE DO!

Available All Seasons

Stonewall Farm Sampler

The Stonewall Sampler: up to 5th grade

Is it your first time at Stonewall Farm? Get a taste of all stonewall Farm has to offer. Some of your activities may include milking a cow, touring our dairy barns, harvesting in our beautiful, organic gardens, feeding our sheep and goats, bug hunting, and more!

Available All Seasons

Farming 101

Farming 101: 6th grade+

Take our stonewall Sampler one step further, for older groups. They will get the same hands on farm experience, but with added information on regenerative agriculture, organic gardening, and the science behind the farm!

Available Year Round

Creating Pollinator Habitat in Your Garden

Saturday, June 15th from 10:00AM TO 12:00PM

Planting for pollinators and beneficial insects in your garden has many benefits from beautifying your landscape, to improving pollination and crop production to reducing pests. In this hands-on workshop you will learn about pollinators and beneficial insects, tour the farm’s pollinator habitats and learn various techniques for incorporating plants such as the use of annual insectory strips, hedgerows, field borders and cover crops.

Instructor: Heather Mason, Stonewall Farm Crop Manager

Fee: $40

Growing Greens in Winter

Saturday, January 22nd,  from 10:00AM to 12:00 PM 

Geared toward the hobby farmer or beginning farmer, this workshops provides practical information on how to grow greens in winter to for your own use or as supplemental income in the winter. Participants will become familiar with cold tolerant varieties of greens, gain an understanding of winter structures, learn technical growing practices such as timing, seeding, transplanting, temperature regulation, watering, harvesting and pest control as well as options for an abundant harvest. A portion of this workshop will take place in our greenhouses.

Instructor: Heather Mason, Stonewall Farm Crop Manager

Fee: $40

Garden Planning 101

Monday, February 18th from 10:00am to 12:00pm

Learn the basics of plannign for a succesful garden harvest from our experienced crop and perennial farmer, Heather Mason. She will help you plan a garden for the upcoming growing season customized to meet you specific growing needs.

Instructor: Heather Mason, Stonewall Farm Crop Manager

Fee: $25

Tomato Grafting

Monday, February 4th from 10:00am to 12:00pm

Learn how to improve tomato yields and the overall health and vigor of your tomato plants this season! Understand how and why grafting is worth the effort. Participants will learn about the two types of grafting and how to plant and care for grafted tomatoes. Participants will also practice side grafting. Grafting helps increase the plants disease resistance and reduce the need for pesticides.

Instructor: Heather Mason, Stonewall Farm Crop Manager

Fee: $50

Bio-Conservation Controls

Tuesday, January 8th from 10:00am to 12:00pm

Learn about various bio-conservation controls you can incorporate into your farm or hobby farm to encourage beneficial insects and create habitat for pollinators. We will review strategies incorporated into Stonewall Farm’s organic crop produce including hedgerows, insectary strips, beetle banks and conservation plantings as well as our no-till methods and cover cropping trials. You will learn about annual and native perennial plants you can include into your landscape or farm dependng on your goals.

Instructor: Heather Mason, Stonewall Farm Crop Manager

Fee: $40

• school vacation camps •

Registration Fees

Full Week $225

Full Day is $55

  • The day starts at 8:30 AM and ends at 4:00 PM.

  • Before Care is available from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM for $8 per day

  • After Care is available from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM for $12 per day.



Maple Sugaring

Celebrate the maple sugaring season with Stonewall Farm!  Have you ever wondered how trees make sap? Who discovered maple syrup? or how to identify a Sugar Maple leaf?  Campers will experience this New England tradition first-hand from start to sweet finish!



Spring Vacation Camp 

Spring into action with your favorite farm friends- hiking, cooking, games, sheep sheering & goat walks.  Sign up for 1 day or the entire week! Before care and after care available as needed.



Winter Wildlife

Winter is an excellent time to learn how our forest friends adapt and survive the cold.  Weather permitting, we will snowshoe to look for signs of animals and learn a few tracking techniques.  Of course we will visit with and care for our farm animals inside the barns and save some time for some snow fun. Please feel free to bring a sled with you!

February 26 – March 2

 Winter Vacation Camp

A full week of winter fun here on the farm with an artistic twist!!  We will be exploring all areas of the farm this week. Sign up for one day or the entire week!  Please feel free to bring a sled with you as we will be spending some time on our beautiful sledding hills.

Before care and after care available as needed.



Spring Exploration

The farm comes to life in the spring from our wetlands and vernal pools to wildflowers and more! Campers will explore wetlands, forests and fields during this spring theme camp!


Vacation and Summer Camps

Stonewall Farm offers school vacation and summer camps. Children explore, learn and play using the farm’s extensive fields, forests, trails and barns as their campus.

We also offer farm-based education programs for schools and youth groups teaching students about agriculture, our local food system and the environment.

• summer camp 2018 •

Camp sessions run weekly starting June 25th and ending August 17th. Camp is $210 per week. Discount rates for siblings is $185 a week. Camp runs Monday through Friday starting at 8:30 am and ending at 4:00 pm.

  • Before Care is available from 7:30 to 8:30 am Monday through Thursday for $15 a week.
  • After Care is available from 4:00 to 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday for $25 a week.
  • Scholarship assistance is available.
Camp Program Descriptions

The New Hampshire Storytelling Association coordinates with us to bring professional storytellers to the camp every Friday. Campers also enjoy hay rides and overnight camping with campfire for children 8 years and older. Families are invited to picnic and enjoy a presentation every Thursday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30.

Peepers Ages 3, 4 & 5: Get to know farm animals, explore gardens, forests and fields, crafts, storytelling, cooking and make new friends. A balance of structured activities and supervised free exploration to provide an opportunity for children to grow.

Ramblers Ages 6 & 7: Begin each day with farm chores and enjoy a sampling of all the farm offers  from the barn to the garden to the kitchen. Camp crafts, traditional games, nature hikes and exploration round out the experience.

Pioneers Ages 8 & 9: Explore our gardens and animals as a food and fiber source. Crafts, farm to table culinary programs, and adventures in our fields and forests deepen and understanding of local food production and the natural world.

Explorers Ages 10 & 11: Learn in greater depth about the jobs and specific skills required to be a farmer. It isn’t all work, though! There is time to hike, keep cool in the creek, work on a week long weaving project and more!

Wanderers Ages 12 & 14: this leadership based program uses experiential  education techniques to build self awareness and ability to work with a team. Campers also design and create a farm based product they work on over their week at the farm. There is plenty of time for exploration and fun!

CIT Ages 14 & up: This 3 week program focuses on developing leadership skills through experiential education activities so they begin to develop the skills needed to be a counselor. They have an opportunity to plan and lead activities with the younger children under the guidance of a seasoned camp counselor. CIT’s also design and create a sustainability project that will benefit the farm and local food system. CITs completing the 3 week program may sign up for Experience weeks. Experience weeks provide them an opportunity to continue to build and practice their counselor skills working alongside experienced counselors (Experience Weeks are an additional $75 per week).

Adult Education

Stonewall Farm offers classes for hobbyists and farmers on crafting, agriculture, cooking, homesteading and more. Check back often as we are frequently adding new classes and will continue to expand our offerings!