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Stonewall Farm envisions a healthy, biodiverse, and abundant food system so people and our planet may thrive.

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  • Planting organic spinach in the Stonewall Farm Caterpillar.

    Monadnock Food Co-op Farm Fund: Stonewall Farm

    Stonewall Farm in Keene uses regenerative farming practices to enrich their soil and improve the health of their dairy herd and vegetable crops. They also strive to spread regenerative agriculture practices throughout New England by serving as a demonstration site and offering educational programs. In 2020, Stonewall Farm received a grant from the Monadnock Food… read more
  • Volunteer Luis Morales

    Getting to know volunteer Luis Morales

    Volunteering at Stonewall Farm’s organic dairy farm Several mornings each week, you’ll find Luis in the dairy barn helping to care for our herd. For the past six months, Luis has joined in the morning chore routine of cleaning the barn and feeding the cows. On occasion, he helps care for our horses. Morales is… read more
  • The Ramblin Farmers to Manage 2021 Growing Season

    The Ramblin Farmers, Logan and Cheezy (Justin), are a team of two highly-skilled, physically-robust Freelance Farmhands with a passion for soil, ecological farming, and local food systems. Their credentials include a diverse mix of on-farm experience as well as formal education. Logan and Cheezy have worked on prominent farms in Oregon and Washington such as Gathering… read more


Stonewall Farm teaches and demonstrates regenerative farming to people of all ages to ensure food security, vibrant communities and a healthy planet.

We believe as a non-profit agricultural education center it is essential, we lead the way in testing and innovating cutting edge solutions to our food system and climate change crisis, taking risks that might be otherwise be economically unfeasible for small privately-owned farms.  

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