Caroline Campano, Amy Bright and Tara Pratton
by Beth Pelton

School Programs

Stonewall Farm offers a variety of farm-based education programs for schools, homeschool, and youth groups. Our educators are also available to bring programs to your classroom such as our farm-to-school programs. Each program is approximately two hours in length. Our programs are taught by experienced educators and farmers providing a quality hands-on learning experience for every student. The 120+ acres of pastures, fields, wetlands, and forests serve as our classroom.

NEW FOR FALL 2020! Stonewall Farm is now accepting enrollments for a full-day Outdoor Enrichment and Educational Support program for Kindergarten through Grade 5.

Stonewall Farm has been working with local families since June, identifying the needs of local families, children in particular, during the global pandemic. During Summer camp, we implemented small group education that not only kept the participants healthy, but also enhanced their wellbeing. As we watched our summer programming help students and families come back to life and create a sense of normalcy for them, we knew we had to offer this same style of program in the fall. This new program offers the same opportunities for enrichment, but with an added emphasis on educational support for hybrid and remote learners.

Stonewall Farm’s new fall program: Outdoor Enrichment and Educational Support will begin on September 14th and will run Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:00pm.

Students will enjoy playing outdoors, gardening, working with animals, participating in nature- based crafting and more. Students will also have two blocks of time each day to work on the materials provided by their classroom teachers with assistance from our qualified staff. Students will have ample workspace inside our beautiful post and beam learning center, however an emphasis on outdoor learning and activities will be made, allowing students to naturally distance themselves and enjoy the calm of the natural world as they work.

This program is designed to help families who require flexibility during trying times, offering three registration options: “drop-in style”, meaning families call the week prior and register for which days meet their family’s need, a three day per week schedule that meets the needs of hybrid learners, and a 5 day per week option for students learning entirely remotely.

Please download and submit the full Registration and Parent Information Package here.

A portrait picture of Ms. Dintino-Cucchi

Budding Explorers

Budding explorers is a once a week playgroup for ages three to five, focused on experiential learning and free play in nature. Children will explore, learn, and play around Stonewall Farm with highly qualified educators who will nurture your child’s social- emotional development while fostering a love for farming and nature. This program will operate…
tapping a maple tree

Maple Sugaring

Take part in the New England tradition that welcomes back spring. Learn the biology and natural history of maple trees, the history of sugarin’, tap a tree and boil some sap. Travel through time to see how sugaring has been done through the ages. Visit our sugar house and try a sweet treat of syrup….
students hiking with snow shoes

Snowshoe Adventure!

Fall foliage is so beautiful, but how do we know what that tree is without its leaves? Let us introduce you to trees in winter. We will help you Identify twigs, bark, buds, and more along a beautiful snowshoe hike. Along the way, we will learn to identify winter animal tracks, markings, and homes. Animals…
kids planting seeds in greenhouse

Farming 101

Take our stonewall Sampler one step further, for older groups. They will get the same hands on farm experience, but with added information on regenerative agriculture, organic gardening, and the science behind the farm! Grades: 6th+ Fees: Programs are $8 per person/student. Small groups are welcome, but there is a minimum of $100 per group…
a group of kids standing in a milking barn with hands raised for questions

Got Milk?

Come join us in the dairy barn. Learn the ins and outs of our happy herd, as we tour the dairy and milk and meet SWF cows! What will we do with all that milk? Make butter, of course!! Got milk? WE DO! Grades: all ages Fees: Programs are $8 per person/student. Small groups are…
harvest dinner

Farm to Table

There is always something in season at Stonewall Farm. Work with our educators to create a seasonal, farm to table experience with your school/ organization! Washing, picking, carting, and spinning! Try it all, and meet the sheep that gave us this experience! Grades: all ages Fees: Programs are $8 per person/student. Small groups are welcome,…
Two kids holding up tiny carrots that they harvested

Stonewall Farm Sampler

Is it your first time at Stonewall Farm? Get a taste of all stonewall Farm has to offer. Some of your activities may include milking a cow, touring our dairy barns, harvesting in our beautiful, organic gardens, feeding our sheep and goats, bug hunting, and more! Grades: up to 5th Fees: Programs are $8 per…
boy holding crawfish

Wetland Ecology

Explore the magic of Stonewall Farm’s wetland habitats. The students will learn how to document their observations with scientific drawings in their very own Wetland Journal. Learn about wetlands as you hunt for frogs, salamanders, crayfish, invertebrates, and more at our wetland boardwalk and secret pond. These creatures teach us a lot about water quality-…
Kids walking through a flourishing greenhouse looking for ripe tomatoes

Farm to School

Are you interested in starting a school garden? Are you looking for healthy, seasonal produce that helps your students make a connection between the earth and their nutrition? Let SWF help to get you started! Grades: all ages Fees: Please call for packages and pricing. Contact Tara Pratt at [email protected] to schedule a program.
little boy with a worm from the garden

The DIRT on Soil and Compost

The soil is ALIVE! Your group will be amazed when they examine soil from different field sites. Students will select plots to collect soil samples to observe. They will learn through inquiry as they find differences in the soils, plants, and general ecosystems at each location. At their last plot, our gardens, they will learn…
Caroline Campano and Amy Bright walk with Youth Education Director Tara Pratt

New England Forestry

Meet us in the forest! This lesson will include New England tree and plant identification to examine the density and diversity of the forest. Students will learn how to conduct plot sampling, identify local tree species, identify tree condition, find average tree size, and more. Grades: 5+ Fees: Programs are $8 per person/student. Small groups…
high school students studying soil

Ecological Monitoring

Stonewall Farm uses holistic planned grazing, a type of regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture is a system of farming principles and practice that increases biodiversity, enriches the soil, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystems. Let us show you how we sample our lands to test our water cycles, mineral cycles, energy flow, and community dynamics. This adventure…
boys in the woods

Adapt and Survive; Preparing for Winter

Join us to learn about which animals run away from the cold, which animals sleep their days away, and which animals have changed over time to withstand cold conditions. We will hike through Stonewall Farms trails, conducting our own transect studies and looking for animal homes. We will discuss the changes these animals will make…
campers making a fire

Surviving the Great Outdoors

If you were stranded in the woods, would you survive? You will after you attend our Survival Program! Work in groups to create survival shelters, identify edible trees and plants in the forest, track animals, learn to camouflage yourself, and more! Grades: 4+ Fees: Programs are $8 per person/student. Small groups are welcome, but there…