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Keene High School Student Spends Semester Working in the Dairy

During the fall semester of 2021, Keene High School Student Grace Greene participated in the Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) program offered at Keene High School. ELO provides students an opportunity to explore various careers with hands on learning experience. Grace was interested in farming and selected Stonewall Farm. While Stonewall Farm has hosted students from…

Healthy Soils in NH: from Legislation to Community Action

Stonewall Farm’s Executive Director helped plan and participate in the NH Food Alliance Cafe series focused on Soil Health on Sept 3rd. IF you missed the discussion you can catch the live recording here. During the webinar, you will learn more about the crucial role that living soils play in climate resilience, as well as…

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Bringing lessons from farms to classrooms

Peterborough-based nonprofit Cornucopia Project and Stonewall Farm are partnering to form the Monadnock Region Farm to School Network, an initiative that will facilitate farm-to-school activities in the area, according to a news release. Farm-to-school activities can take many forms, including connecting farms and schools to serve locally produced food in cafeterias, schools starting their own…

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Monadnock Food Co-op Farm Fund: Stonewall Farm

Stonewall Farm in Keene uses regenerative farming practices to enrich their soil and improve the health of their dairy herd and vegetable crops. They also strive to spread regenerative agriculture practices throughout New England by serving as a demonstration site and offering educational programs. In 2020, Stonewall Farm received a grant from the Monadnock Food…

The Ramblin Farmers to Manage 2021 Growing Season

The Ramblin Farmers, Logan and Cheezy (Justin), are a team of two highly-skilled, physically-robust Freelance Farmhands with a passion for soil, ecological farming, and local food systems. Their credentials include a diverse mix of on-farm experience as well as formal education. Logan and Cheezy have worked on prominent farms in Oregon and Washington such as Gathering…

Grazing cows at Stonewall Farm.

Value-added dairy production beginning

Dairy farms across the country have seen big changes in commodity demand and pricing for raw milk. Spurred by new economic realities, Stonewall Farm has announced that it will make use of its creamery facility to process its own raw milk and create “value-added” products, such as cheese, butter, cream, and milk, for sale to consumers.

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Stonewall Farm Offers Outdoor Enrichment and Educational Support Program

Students enjoy playing outdoors, gardening, working with animals, participating in nature-based crafting, and more.

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May News 2020

View our May newsletter: Notes from the Field

Stonewall Farm Featured in Regeneration International’s New Podcast Series

Executive Director Julie Davenson was interviewed in February 2020 by Alexis Baden-Meyer of the Organic Consumer Association for the new Farmers & Ranchers for a Green New Deal Podcast series

Goats in the snow

Winter on the Farm

It is no secret that farmers work hard. But winter on a farm takes everything to a whole new level. Cold hurts. It breaks…

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Stonewall Director Presents at Tufts Healthy Soil Symposium

Stonewall Farm’s Executive Director was part of a panel discussion at Tuft’s University on April 4, 2019.

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Gifts of Farming

Ask any farmer or avid gardener and they will likely tell you that farming is not so much a choice as it is a deep inner calling…

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