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Our Vision

Stonewall Farm inspires the adoption of regenerative practices promoting a healthy, bio diverse and abundant food system, so people and our planet may thrive.

Our Mission

Stonewall Farm demonstrates regenerative farming while educating and engaging people to support food security, ecological resilience, healthy communities and planet.

We believe as a non-profit agricultural education center it is essential, we lead the way in testing and innovating cutting edge solutions to our food system and climate change crisis, taking risks that might otherwise be economically unfeasible for small privately-owned farms.

Students from elementary to graduate school, as well as farmers and landowners, participate in experiential learning programs to ensure our future generations understand that how we choose to cultivate the soil and manage our land has a direct impact on the future of humanity and our planet.

Do you know. . .

Stonewall Farm innovates in the pursuit of agricultural solutions that produce healthy ecosystems and food.

We teach

and grow future land stewards and farmers.

We share

lessons learned with farmers and landowners to increase the collective success of New England agriculture.

We foster

engagement of our community in a healthy food system.

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Stonewall Farm is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.
Every dollar you give is committed to preserving Stonewall Farm’s agricultural land and sustaining its innovative and valuable programs.

As the last surviving dairy farm in Keene, NH, Stonewall Farm diversifies its revenue streams to remain viable.
Successful New England farms survive by diversifying their revenue sources. They do this by managing multiple farm enterprises: from livestock and crops to agritourism ventures such as events, weddings, and lodging. To be a credible agricultural learning center, Stonewall Farm must demonstrate these strategies on its own farm.

Giving Programs

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Planned Giving

Consider a planned gift that will leave a lasting legacy for our community.

Annual Appeal

Make an annual contribution to support our ability to provide annual programs and services to our community.

Capital Campaign

Make a pledge toward our capital campaign.