Maple Sugaring

tapping a maple tree
Late Winter through Early Spring Program

Take part in the New England tradition that welcomes back spring. Learn the biology and natural history of maple trees, the history of sugarin’, tap a tree and boil some sap. Travel through time to see how sugaring has been done through the ages. Visit our sugar house and try a sweet treat of syrup.

Grades: all ages

Fees: Programs are $9 per person/student. Small groups are welcome, but there is a minimum of $150 per group to cover the expense of prepping and running the program. One chaperone per 8 children is admitted free of charge. Additional adults are subject to the $5 per person fee. A $60 educator fee will be charged for large groups larger than 25 students. Questions or inquiries can be sent to our Education Center or call 603-357-7278 ext. 104.

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