Your gift today is an investment in the health of our food system and environment

Do you know. . . 

Stonewall Farm is the New England HUB in the Savory Institute’s Global Network? By practicing and teaching holistic land management, Stonewall Farm equips farmers with the tools they need to create healthier ecosystems and more productive farms—both vital to our local food system and, ultimately, the health of our planet.

Stonewall Farm is a leader in our local food system? Stonewall Farm collaborates with, and supports, many community initiatives and organizations working to build a strong and equitable local food system.

Stonewall Farm offers the community a 120-acres classroom of barns, gardens, forest, wetlands and fields?  Our farm-based education and accredited agricultural programs empower people of all ages with the knowledge and experiences they need to be stewards of our environment and future leaders for sustainable agriculture and local food systems.

As the last surviving dairy farm in Keene, NH, Stonewall Farm diversifies its revenue streams to remain viable? Successful New England farms survive by diversifying their revenue sources. They do this by managing multiple farm enterprises: from livestock and crops to agritourism ventures such as events, weddings and lodging. To be a credible agricultural learning center, Stonewall Farm must  demonstrate these strategies on its own farm.

Stonewall Farm is a 501c3 nonprofit organization? Every dollar you give is committed to preserving Stonewall Farm’s agricultural land and sustaining its unique and valuable programs.