Explorers Camp Weekly Themes

Summer 2024

This year we are proud to offer a new experience for campers entering 4th-6th grade, weekly theme camps! Campers will spend their mornings immersed in weekly theme activities and afternoons relaxing in our creek, enjoying free forest time and playing traditional camp games!

  • Week 1, June 24th: First Time Farmers! Do you love being outside and getting your hands dirty? Ever wonder what it’s like to be a farmer? Then this is the week for you! Campers will learn how to start a new garden bed, build healthy soil using compost, start plants from seed, care for perennials. Explorers will also help our own farmer Dave grow and harvest food for our CSA, and care for our flock of laying hens. $245/wk
  • Week 2, July 1st: Wonderful Wetlands! Just beneath the surface of a stream, pond, or vernal pool there is a hidden world teeming with life. Join us for a week to examine the variety of creatures that live in our wetlands up close and discover the roles that they play with the larger forest ecosystem. Additionally, consider the factors that impact water quality and how to prevent the destruction of our water resources. $195/wk
  • Week 3, July 8th: Forest Adventures! Grab your hiking boots and field guides as we explore our 125 acres of forest and trails! Learn to identify trees, plants, birds and bugs! Build shelters, make maps and create scavenger hunts! $245/wk
  • Week 4, July 15th: Fiber Arts! Take a look at your clothing— have you ever considered how it is made? Join us for a week of felting, weaving, and dyeing natural fibers sourced on-site to find out yourself! We will use hand techniques that are reminiscent of when Stonewall Farm was first founded over two hundred years ago. $255/wk (inc. $10 materials fee)
  • Week 5, July 22nd: Farm & Nature STEM! During this science and engineering week, we will race hand made boats, make a soil battery, drop eggs from extraordinary heights, build solar ovens, and more! $255/wk (inc. $10 materials fee)
  • Week 6, July 29th: Nature Arts & Crafts! From the rings of trees to patterns in rocks, the natural world is filled with displays of artistry. Using nature as our guide, we will mimic its beauty through the creation of our own art pieces! Throughout the week, we will use both science and creativity to explore painting, ceramics, and more with materials from the land. $255/wk (inc. $10 materials fee)
  • Week 7, August 5th: Kitchen Creations! Do you like helping out in the kitchen? This week will focus on making healthy breads, snacks, salads, dressings and side dishes, while learning basic cooking skills. Following recipes, weighing, measuring and using kitchen tools safely will be emphasized.  Using fresh produce as well as whole grains and fruit to make tasty dishes will be the underlying message during this week. $255/wk (inc. $10 materials fee)
  • Week 8, August 12th: Farm Olympics! Let the Stonewall Olympics commence! Learn about the various cultures that compete in the games, cultivate a team of your own, and compete in a series of events ranging from capture the flag to parachute games to checkers. Everybody has a chance to use their strengths to aid their team in victory! $245/wk
  • Week 9, August 20th: Overnight Mini Camp! Experience the farm at night! 4th-6th graders will enjoy building campfires, roasting marshmallows, night walks and games, then camp out under the stars! This is a 3-day camp (Tu,W,Th) followed by an overnight Thursday night.